Enterprise Collaboration 2.0: Connecting with the Global Opportunity (Strategic Focus)
By Datamonitor
Publication Date: November, 2009
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This report outlines the market share opportunities of enterprise collaboration, with a focus on web-enabled, or 2.0, technologies. It provides comprehensive analysis of technology evolution, customers' requirements, the competitive landscape and vendors' go-to-market strategies.


  • Analyzes market drivers and inhibitors that are driving demand for Enterprise Collaboration 2.0.
  • Details the future technology evolution of the enterprise collaboration and includes analysis of how software delivery models are shaping the market.
  • Delves into the changing competitive landscape for Enterprise Collaboration 2.0.
  • Outlines go-to-market strategies of enterprise collaboration vendors.


The market opportunity for enterprise collaboration is relatively immature within the broader spectrum of enterprise software. Despite factors that are inhibiting its adoption, the widespread use of enterprise collaboration seems inevitable and the potential upside for end-user organizations and vendors is substantial.

A barrier to widespread adoption of Enterprise Collaboration 2.0 is business attitudes from leadership and employees. In addition to concerns over new ways of working and potentially new work requirements, there is skepticism that Enterprise Collaboration 2.0 will function significantly differently from consumer social networks.

Like Web 2.0, the exploitation of Enterprise Collaboration 2.0 requires a progression of supporting and enabling technologies. Enterprise Collaboration 2.0 will exact new software architectural approaches, interoperability standards, security measures and software delivery modes.

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  • Provides a clear, complete and comprehensive guide to the enterprise collaboration market, identifying and evaluating market trends.
  • Offers a critical balance between end user data, primary research and concise, insightful analysis.
  • Covers the breadth of the enterprise collaboration space, helping decision makers understand market opportunities.

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Report – Reports provide a unique mix of market intelligence, insightful analysis and forecasting based on primary quantitative and qualitative research. A single report will give you the key data and detailed analysis of a market, issue or trend.


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