IPad and HTML5 Adoption – Option 2 - Report only
By Jan Ozer
Publication Date: June, 2010
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This survey-based report details the respondents' plans to support the Apple iPad and the HTML5 specification, as well as planned support for the iPhone/Android, Blackberry and Palm mobile platforms. In addition to a 40-page analysis, the report contains separate survey results for 18 different demographic categories. These reports allow survey purchasers to view survey data specific to their organizational type (media, non-media, educational, governmental, worship/non-profit), annual revenue, market served (B2B, B2C, B2Both), and the number of video files posted on their web sites.

This version contains just the report, no appendices.


  • Regarding the iPad, the report details when the respondents plan to support the device, their principle motivation, intended feature set and content strategy, their monetization strategy and development budget, and whether they will use in-house or use third party resources.

  • For HTML5, the report details if and when survey respondents plan to convert over to HTML5, both with and without fallback to existing plug-in based technologies, and their principle motivation for migrating to HTML5. The respondents also shared their chief concerns about moving forward with HTML5 and their current satisfaction levels with Flash and Silverlight.

  • Finally, the report details which mobile platforms (iPhone/Android/Blackberry/Palm) the respondents currently support, and their future plans to support these platforms.


Reasons to Purchase

Stay competitive- The report details iPad and HTML5 adoption by organizations within similar demographics, so survey buyers can understand whether support for these new technologies are optional "nice to haves" or competitive necessities.

Create effective product plans- The report details the features that respondents plan to implement on their iPad apps/web sites and HTML5 sites, and how they compare to the features of their primary sites. This information will help survey buyers create realistic and competitive product plans.

Create realistic budgets for iPad implementations-The report details planned expenditures for the iPad app or web site and whether most organizations are developing this capability in-house or via third-party resource, or choosing to self-host or use an OVP or CDN. This data, along with the planned feature sets of the iPad app or web site, will help survey buyers create realistic budgets for their iPad-related developments.

Effectively estimate HTML5 conversion costs- When converting to HTML5, all features currently implemented in Flash or other technology must be converted to JavaScript. Understanding which HTML5-based features are necessary to remain competitive will help buyers create more accurate estimates of HTML5 conversion costs.

Make informed decisions about HTML5- Survey respondents identify their key concerns about moving forward with HTML5, including features like adaptive streaming and live streaming that are not yet generally available under HTML5. Understanding these issues will help survey buyers make better, more informed decisions about when and how to support HTML5.

Formulate a more informed mobile strategy- Understanding which mobile platforms the respondents plan to support, particularly within their own demographic categories, will help survey buyers make more informed decisions about their own strategy.


Report Type

Report - Reports provide a unique mix of market intelligence, insightful analysis, and forecasting based on primary quantitative and qualitative research. A single report will give you the key data and detailed analysis of a market, issue or trend.

Pages: 763 (41 pages of analysis, 722 pages of survey reports for various demographics)
Format: PDF

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