Business Intelligence: Consolidation and Beyond (Strategic Focus)
By Surya Mukherjee, Datamonitor
Publication Date: June, 2008
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Against the backdrop of a looming recessionary environment in its major end-market, the BI market is witnessing a flurry of large ticket acquisitions and rampant commoditization leading to slowdown in growth rates. This report aims to provide clarity to vendors and investors in BI solutions by simplifying the dynamics of this changing market and forecasting future growth opportunities.


  • Provides an overview of the most important trends affecting the BI market and influencing its competitive dynamics.
  • Delivers a comprehensive assessment of BI bundles, in-memory technology, natural language processing, and mobile BI and their impact on end-users.
  • Presents Datamonitor's view on the future of the industry value chain and recommends specific go-to-market strategies for each vendor category.


The BI market has been abuzz with acquisition and consolidation activity over the last two years due to the entry of several large software vendors. Consolidation has been beneficial for most acquiring and acquired vendors but is starting to affect independent pure-play vendors.

In such a turbulent market, technology evolution has been relatively tepid but increasingly customer focused, as evident from the proliferation of bundles tuned to end-user needs. Emerging technologies such as in-memory analytics and natural language processing also look promising and expand the boundaries of BI analysis.

Datamonitor analyzes the changing dynamics of the market and calls for a re-evaluation of go-to-market strategies by each vendor. Datamonitor believes vendors should assess the diversity of end-user needs and increased competition and target specific channels to reach customers.

Reasons to Purchase

  • Gain in-depth knowledge on the dynamics of BI market consolidation and growth strategies of pure-play vendors and conglomerates
  • Understand the effects of commoditization on various parts of the value chain
  • Adjust go-to-market strategies against current market challenges

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Report – Reports provide a unique mix of market intelligence, insightful analysis and forecasting based on primary quantitative and qualitative research. A single report will give you the key data and detailed analysis of a market, issue or trend.


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