The Future of Software Delivery: The Opportunities and Challenges of Emerging Software Delivery Models
By Victoria Furness, Business Insights
Publication Date: February, 2009
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Report Overview

The way companies perceive and purchase their software is starting to change. Organizations no longer have to buy an on-premise application and host it on site, they can have it delivered on-demand, as a service or hosted by the software provider or a third party. But while these new models offer more choice in how they pay, receive and use applications, the proliferation of terms has led to some confusion amongst organizations about what they are and what they constitute. ‘The Future of Software Delivery: The opportunities and challenges of emerging software delivery models’ is a new report published by Business Insights that examines the market conditions that led to the emergence of these new models and the benefits they offer over traditional delivery types. This report also examines future market opportunities for software delivery models and how they may be extended to hardware platforms in the future.         

Key Findings

  • The size of the on-demand CRM market will increase rapidly through 2009 to reach 27% of total market size as the CAGR for on-demand far exceeds that for the total CRM market.
  • There are signs that enterprises with revenue of more than $1bn are also adopting more SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. Originally some industry commentators predicted SaaS would not expand beyond SMBs into larger organizations.
  • A study by Triple Tree and the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) found that on-demand deployments were 50% to 90% faster, with a total cost of ownership five to ten times less than installed software.
  • The growth rates for on-demand CRM and ERP application markets are significantly higher than for the premise-based market. This is an indicator of the high levels of growth potential in the market.     

Use this report to...

  • Identify and target future growth areas of on-demand CRM using this report’s analysis of new market opportunities by sizeband, vertical and region, as well as market forecasts for key sectors.
  • Understand the key issues in the software delivery market including vendor ecosystem, competitor offering and on-demand vs on-premise deployments.
  • Enhance your sales and marketing strategies with this report’s comparison of different vendor strategies and recommendations on improving your go-to-market strategy. • Assess emerging software delivery models with this report’s cost analysis of implementing software via different models.

Explore issues including...

On-demand is often used interchangeably with SaaS, but it’s also a bigger concept in its own right, referring to a new way for organizations to respond faster to customer demand, build new partnerships or react to market changes.

Vendor ecosystem. At the moment there is no single vendor leading the market for SaaS delivered solutions. Jostling for dominance in this market are traditional applications vendors, infrastructure vendors, pure play SaaS vendors and services providers.

SaaS in the enterprise. SaaS looks set to continue pervading the enterprise, whether through those application areas that suit Internet-based delivery, such as web conferencing and collaboration tools, to those that were previously considered as necessary to be kept behind the firewall: helpdesk, back-up software, word processing, spreadsheets, slideshows, content management and even supply chain management software.     


  • What’s the difference between SaaS and traditional on-site implementations?
  • Will any of these alternative software models become the primary way that organisations buy software?
  • How is today’s hosting model different to the ill-fated ASP model of the 1990s?
  • Where does hosting fit in and how does it differ?
  • What are the limitations of these software delivery models?
  • Who are the leading vendors in this space? And is there a market leader yet?

Report Type:

Report – Reports provide a unique mix of market intelligence, insightful analysis and forecasting based on primary quantitative and qualitative research. A single report will give you the key data and detailed analysis of a market, issue or trend.


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