Business Intelligence and Enterprise Search to Ride Out the Recession (Strategic Focus)
By Surya Mukherjee, Datamonitor
Publication Date: March, 2009
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The global recession will further compound business problems in 2009. Datamonitor believes that this is the right time for customers to derive value out of existing investments, capitalizing on the convergence between business intelligence (BI) and enterprise search and retrieval (ESR). This report focuses on converging BI and ESR technologies and highlights growth opportunities and user needs.


  • Reviews the convergence of the business intelligence and enterprise search markets
  • Delivers a comprehensive assessment of BI and ESR offerings, including in-memory analytics, NLP, and other alternative data analysis methods
  • Presents Datamonitor's detailed view on the value derived out of BI and ESR integration and recommends go-to-market strategies for the recession


Given the ongoing recession, the need to inject intelligence at all levels of an organization will increase. Instead of purchasing more BI licenses, Datamonitor believes that incorporating basic BI capabilities in ESR solutions or distributing existing BI capabilities through search interfaces could be a better strategy.

The ESR market is evolving rapidly as web search technologies make their way into enterprises. Combination of ESR technologies with BI will help create robust systems that will be able to work with both structured and unstructured data.

Datamonitor believes that healthy demand for BI will persist through the recession. However, solutions that deploy quickly and meet customer needs will be able to outsell cumbersome monolithic stacks. Retaining market share will be important in this environment and will require focus on customer retention.

Reasons to Purchase

  • Gain in-depth knowledge on end-user needs in the recession and evaluate the benefits of an integrated BI and ESR solution accordingly
  • Vendors can decide to complete or collaborate with other BI and ESR vendors
  • Re-evaluate go-to-market strategies against current market challenges

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