The SharePoint Report 2009 (Enterprise Edition, Site License)
By Shawn Shell, CMS Watch
Publication Date: November, 2008
Price: $2,950.00

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CMS Watch starts by setting aside the marketing hype and "received wisdom" around SharePoint, in order to evaluate the product's capabilities dispassionately and objectively. The report then looks at SharePoint's strengths and weaknesses, based on customer experiences, interviews with consultants, and hands-on testing. As independent domain experts with no ties to Microsoft, CMS Watch's sole interest lies in helping you figure out Whether, Where, When, and Why to use SharePoint. CMS Watch takes a multidimensional approach, reviewing how SharePoint "fits" well or poorly into enterprises of different types, sizes, and business profiles. The Report offers candid, no-nonsense advice for both business and technology decision-makers.

Who Should Consider This Report


Enterprises that realize the most value from SharePoint will have aligned business and IT teams to figure out a specific approach to this enigmatic platform -- a platform that seems so easy to use but so difficult to master. Here's how different teams in your enterprise can use this report:

  • Project Managers and Leaders starting a SharePoint project, who want an honest assessment of the platform's potential value, as well as hidden costs
  • Strategic Decision-Makers who need to understand what boundaries to place around SharePoint, and where key gaps remain in the platform
  • Technology Selection Teams who want to compare SharePoint to other technology alternatives
  • Systems Integrators and Consultants who need to know where SharePoint excels and where it doesn't

You should buy the SharePoint Report if you:

  • Are looking to create an enterprise-wide SharePoint strategy, or
  • Are implementing multiple SharePoint farms, or
  • Are considering an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) for SharePoint, or
  • Anticipate heavy customization of your SharePoint implementations, or
  • Will be turning to the SharePoint ecosystem for additional services


The SharePoint Report 2009 comes in two editions: a Basic Edition as well as an Enterprise Edition. A more detailed comparison of the two SharePoint Report 2009 editions and licensing options (PDF) is available here.

This license is for the Enterprise Edition, Site License (corporate intranet) report.

Other Editions / Licenses Available at

Basic Edition, Team Use (up to 12 people in your firm)
Basic Edition, Site License
(corporate intranet)
Enterprise Edition, Team Use (up to 12 people in your firm)


Pages: 247
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